Hungry Hungry Hipsters is a fun, silly, family-friendly card game for 3-8 players. In this game, all players start with a plain food. Then players take turns attaching modifier cards to any player’s food. Positive modifiers make food more pretentious, increasing its value, while negative modifiers make food more mainstream, decreasing its value. Players add up the values for each eaten food at the end of the game to get their final score.

  • Type: Card Game
  • Food Cards: 32
  • Modifier Cards: 94
  • Total Cards: 126
  • Players: 3-8
  • Ages: 13 and up
  • Playing Time: 10-25 min
  • Complexity: Easy
  • Released: 2012
  • Re-Released: 2017

Hungry Hungry Hipsters is sold by Doomed Legion Games, a small game company based in northern California. The company is named after the Doomed Legion, a group of friends who formed a gaming group together over a decade ago playing RPGs, miniatures games, and board games. Over the years the Doomed Legion has, as a byproduct of constant gaming, produced a number of original game designs. The accumulation of inventions continued over time until one day, quite by chance, the magical entrepreneurial seed was planted into the spirit of the organization. Now, behold! Doomed Legion Games is here!

Doomed Legion Games was officially founded in March of 2010. Its most popular game by far is Hungry Hungry Hipsters, but it also sells a few other games, with more on the way! Visit to see all available games.

Hungry Hungry Hipsters has come a long way. The game was originally produced just for friends. Eventually, after much sharing in the local gaming community, the game was stocked and promoted by Games of Berkeley. Other local game stores also asked for the game, which was at that time being produced out of a garage using a manually operated die press. Demand increased such that it is now a published game!